• obtaining approvals and permits for individuals and companies in building buildings;
• verification of technical and legal regime of property to the competent public authorities;
• drafting and negotiation of contracting;
• negotiating contracts for the financing of real estate projects;
• drafting and negotiating lease contracts;
• Legal assistance and advice in connection with the acquisition, exercise and transfer of ownership or use of buildings or land;
• drafting legal opinions and memoranda concerning the legal status of property;
• developing, drafting, negotiating contracts / pre-contracts of sale, contracts of mortgage, rent, mortgage, gift, lease, rental, life annuity, maintenance, etc.;
• advice on the verification of property, rental, check any litigation, representation before the notary, credit institutions and state institutions;
• legal assistance and representation in disputes regarding the execution / non-contracts of sale of buildings or land;
• Legal assistance and representation in disputes over property claims which follows the return of nationalized properties in the communist regime;
• consulting, legal assistance and representation in the expropriation proceedings;
• legal assistance in real estate by developing specific contracts (contracts of commission agreements, viewing);
• Legal assistance and representation in state institutions to obtain documentation cadastral registration in the land property rights, of its dismemberments and tasks;
• Legal assistance and representation before the courts in disputes over property rights;

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