• Advice and drafting of individual contracts or collective bargaining, internal rules and regulations of the organization and operation, job descriptions;
• development and drafting of orders, decisions on individual employment termination, detachment, etc..;
• drafting legal opinions on any matter of labor law, and in case of labor disputes;
• legal assistance and representation in employment disputes, settlement of disputes relating to accidents at work;
• challenge decisions of the organs of control activity in the labor inspectorate;
• assistance and representation in the dispute regarding wages and other labor law property disputes;
• Legal assistance and advice on the public pension system:
– establishing the amount of pension;
– calculation, recalculation of pensions;
– early retirement
– invalidity pension;
– Special pensions;
• Legal assistance and advice on other social insurance benefits such as:
– child allowance;
– unemployment benefit;
– social support;
– salary compensation;
– Installation-prime etc.
• Legal assistance and representation before the courts in disputes arising from conflicts in social protection

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