• legal analysis and opinion on the legality of activities of insurers, pension funds and insurance brokers or insurance agents;
• advising on legal analysis and background documentation for the authorization and approval records, including changes in the documentation that authorization or approval to the basis for entities involved in pension system is now private, as well as subsequent documents issued by authorities;
• activity analysis and formulation of responses in cases of appeals entities involved in the pension system and private insurance and administrative proceedings;
• analyzing and advising on the legality of individual acts (decisions, decisions, opinions, procedures) issued by insurers and pension funds and to insurance intermediaries;
• formulating responses to address the entities involved in the insurance system and private pension system and the natural and legal persons;
• participation in completion of projects of cooperation agreements in the insurance and pension funds with state institutions and addenda thereto, pensions, formulate legal opinions and clarification of situations interpretation of relevant legislation;
• continuous monitoring of new legislation came into force applicability scope and formulation of legislative and legal analysis of the consequences of their appearances in the system and even with effective participation in drafting legislation;
• advice, assistance and legal representation to insurers, reinsurers, pension funds and insurance intermediaries and policyholders in insurance

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